OmegaChem announces the acquisition of BoroChem

November 13, 2013

OmegaChem, key player in the chemical industry whose goal is to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize synthetic intermediates and fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, announces the acquisition of BoroChem, a company specialized in the development and marketing of innovative organoboron molecules with high added value

Since November 4th 2013, BoroChem PBO, an OmegaChem subsidiary based in France, assumed operations of BoroChem SAS. This acquisition continues our goal of sustained growth and is an important step in reinforcing our presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

The expertise developed by BoroChem, combined with the resources and expertise of OmegaChem, will bring more innovative solutions to customers. By combining BoroChem's rare boron products with OmegaChem's unique fluorinated products, we are able to offer to customers and partners a wide range of innovative products and services. Our production capacity will support customers throughout the development process by responding to needs ranging from milligram to multi-kilogram scales.

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